Stork Custom Mouthpieces has been serving brass players the world over for nearly 30 years.

Our business is mouthpieces- only mouthpieces. Our reputation is built on knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. We have the skills to solve any mouthpiece issue and we treat every player like what they do is the most important thing in the world, not based on what position they may hold, but based on the understanding of what making music means to every one of us.

Tom Rolfs and Ben Wright

Boston Symphony Orchestra

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nasentrompeter5   Ask Dr. Mouthpiece

The basics of rim shape and cup shape

This week’s questions were sent to us from Japan; however they are universal in that they concern the very most basic elements of mouthpiece design: rim shapes and cup shapes. Helping players navigate their way through these decisions is part of our mission. Q: What...

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How to choose a mouthpiece

This week I chose to feature two questions because they are connected by a common link. In both cases, the players seem to think of mouthpiece selection as some completely arbitrary process totally unrelated to their needs either physically or application wise. It’s...

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