Froydis Ree Wekre French Horn


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Renowned as a teacher and performer, Froydis Wekre has given master classes and workshops throughout Europe and North America. Her mouthpiece is a harmonic blend of the classic "V" shaped horn mouthpiece with a large, high volume bowl shaped cup. We are very honored to be able to offer this model to you. 



The Froydis Cup

                                         Cup Depth in inches: 1.153"    

Cup Depth in Millimeters: 29.286mm

 The Froydis Cup compared to the    Deep "C" Series cup (in blue) :

                                  The Froydis cup (in yellow) has much more bowl shaped volume to it.



      Rim Shape  

The Froydis rim has a crisp bite with the high point towards the inside with the rim gradually sloping outward.

            Rim Width


   The rim width measures .126" or 3.200 mm



*This mouthpiece is available in both European and American standard shank styles.