Vacchiano Series


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The Vacchiano Series of trumpet mouthpieces has been created to be easily adaptable to the needs of the individual player. There are 7 basic models available and each is available in four different cup depths.


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Rim Specs


Cup Depths


Cup Shapes





Back Bores


Rim  Specifications

Model #

Rim Shape

Rim Width Inner Diameter

Outer Diameter









#1.5 4.95 mm .195" 17.75 mm .698" 27.69 mm 1.090"
#1 5.05 mm .199' 17.50 mm .688" 27.84 mm 1.096"
#2 5.00 mm .197" 17.00 mm .669" 27.43 mm 1.080"
#3 5.00 mm .197" 16.50 mm .649" 27.23 mm 1.072"
#4 .5.92 mm .233" 16.25 mm .639" 27.84 mm 1.096"
#5 4.88 mm .192" 16.00 mm .629" 26.82 mm 1.056"
#7 4.45 mm .175" 15.75 mm .620" 26.82 mm 1.056"

Cup Depths

The Vacchiano standard cup is a unique blend of both "C" shape and "V" shaped elements. Going from size to size does not necessarily mean that there will be more depth to the cup in terms of adding volume in a downwards direction. Rather, as in the difference between the "E" and the "D" cup, only the throat section is opened up, essentially "V-ing" out the bottom of the cup in more of a sideways shape. From the "D" cup to the "C" cup, both depth and a greater "V" profile in the throat is added. Whereas, from the "C" to the "B" cup, the throat only is opened increasing the overall "V" shaped profile.


Yellow = "E" cup depth

 Blue     = "D" cup depth

 Red      = "C" cup depth

Black    ="B" cup depth


Model Name Description  *Cup Depth in inches Cup Depth in millimeters


shallow .652" 16.56 mm


medium shallow .667" 16.94 mm


medium deep .675" 17.15 mm


deep .690" 17.53 mm

    * Cup depth is measured from the top of the rim to the next largest drill bit size.

Cup Shapes

All Vacchiano trumpet models are available in two different cup shapes, Standard and PUMPED.

Standard Cup

It is the Cup Shape more than any other single aspect that represents the underlying concept embodying Mr. Vacchiano's original vision for the design of his entire line of mouthpieces. The standard cup is what he referred to as a modified "V" shaped cup. This cup shape is in sharp contrast to the more popular "C" shaped cups that dominate most other mouthpiece lines including the ubiquitous Bach mouthpieces. Mr. Vacchiano felt that the modified "V" shape offered three major benefits: greater efficiency, a distinct "clarion" quality and improved pitch center.

                                                                                              PUMPED CUP

The alternative PUMPED design is a combination of the classical "V" and "C" archetypes. Mr. Vacchiano recommended this variant in two possible scenarios. One was to allow more room for the lips to vibrate inside the cup. This worked especially well for the more fleshy-lipped player. The second application was to add more depth to the overall tone quality. Since the contour of the PUMPED cup increases volume by going outwards instead of down,  this mouthpiece sidesteps the  "tubbiness' and slow response that is so often associated with deep cups while producing a darker, more resonant and "creamier" tone quality.  The PUMP  offers a wonderful contrast to the standard cup and broadens the player's artistic palette.




Traditional shape styles


Vacchiano Style Cup Shape



More "bowl" (more "C" shape than "V" shape) in the top part of the cup, but more "V" shape than "C" shape in the bottom, throat area of the cup.


PUMPED Style Cup         

The arrows point to the cup volume that is added to the standard cup in the PUMPED variant. This extra "bowl" combined with the already opened throat area of the standard Vacchiano cup loads this cup with volume...and sound!

The Bore




The Bore is the smallest internal point in a mouthpiece.

It has a dramatic and immediate impact on regulating the speed of the air.


        All Vacchiano trumpet models are  available in the following bore sizes:
# Bore Size Bore Size in Inches Bore Size in Millimeters


.140" 3.56mm



.144" 3.65mm
#26 .147" 3.73mm
#25 .149" 3.78mm

* Other sizes available by special order only


The Back Bore is the internal profile of the shank area of the mouthpiece. It begins just behind the straight section of the bore. A tighter bore leaves a longer back bore, a larger bore leaves a longer straight section in the bore area and can spill over into the back bore area, especially if the back bore is small and tight.

The size and profile of the back bore affects the velocity of the air and hence the sound produced.  

All Vacchiano models are available in the sizes shown below.














This back bore is just a bit tighter right behind the bore opening than the standard Vacchiano back bore. This adds a touch more resistance and a level of control for many players.

The standard back bore is taken from Vacchiano's own signature mouthpiece. The profile is slightly tighter behind the bore and flares just a bit more at the end of the shank than a standard Bach back bore.

The "C" back bore offers a step between the average standard back bore and what most players have come to know as a Symphonic or #24 back bore.

This is our version of the Symphonic or #24 back bore.

This is the largest back bore we make. It is our version of the #117 back bore.