Stork Custom Mouthpieces has been serving brass players the world over for 35 years.

Our business is mouthpieces… only mouthpieces. Our reputation is built on knowledge, experience and craftsmanship. We have the skills to solve any mouthpiece issue and we treat every player like what they do is the most important thing in the world, not based on what position they may hold, but based on the understanding of what making music means to every one of us.

What's New

Dr. Mouthpiece is now available in video form!

All the information available in our articles has been updated, streamlined, simplified and is being brought to you in a new series available online.

Episodes will include:


#1 The Inner Diameter

#2 The Rim

#3 The Cup

#4 The Bore and Back bore

#5 Common Problems

#6 Custom Work

These videos will be released over time. Keep checking for release dates!