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New York Collection S1
Inner Diameter : .669″ or 17mm
Bore Size : .150″ or 3.8mm

The S1 was a design originally conceived by William Vacchiano. The cup shape and volume belong to an original Mount Vernon 5B cup fit to a 1C rim. The MV5B cup is unique in that it has a modified V shaped cup so different form the strict “C” shaped cups typical of the Bach line. It is this cup shape that inspired the Vacchiano line.

The bore of the S1 is larger than standard at 3.8 mm as is the back bore which is a symphonic “D” back bore. This design has been passed around among principal players in orchestras all over the world for the past 35 years or so now. This kind of consistent staying power over the years earns this model a permanent place in the New York Collection.


  • Weight: 113 oz

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