Online Mouthpiece & Embouchure Consultation with Phyllis Stork



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A half-hour consultation consists of analyzing your unique playing characteristics. This analysis is not limited to the mouthpiece and includes any technical issues or physical aspects of your playing that could be limiting you. We offer strategies to help you tweak your playing or overcome major playing issues. Whether these involve being better prepared for your job, your next big audition, or just feeling more comfortable so you can enjoy your hobby more.

You don’t need to “prepare” anything. If you can play a 2-octave scale, you’re all set.

Whether you will be using a mobile device (your phone or tablet) or your computer’s (laptop or desktop) camera and microphone, make sure you have adequate lighting on your face so we can clearly see your embouchure and setup. Avoid light at your back (like sitting with your back to a window). Make sure you’re in a quiet room free of any distraction or other sounds. Most modern phone or tablet microphones are adequate for hearing you play, but feel free to use more elaborate equipment if you’re so equipped.

Once the online connection has been established to everyone’s satisfaction, we will ask you a few questions about your playing situation, the mouthpiece you’re currently using and the particular problems you’re experiencing.

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