Mouthpiece consultations with Phyllis Stork

If you’ve been following our videos and reading the blogs but still have questions about applying the information, it’s possible to arrange for a personal consultation with Phyllis Stork, aka Dr. Mouthpiece.

Not every playing problem is mouthpiece related, but whether your issues are conceptual, based on faulty technique, or even if the mouthpiece proves to be the culprit, we can help.

These consultations are available on a very limited basis. We offer sessions online (Zoom,Skype, Facetime) or, many players choose to make the trek to our headquarters in Vermont. We certainly recommend the “in person” session for best results.

I had my in-person consultation with Dr Mouthpiece (Phyllis Stork) yesterday – she is absolutely amazing!

She helped me in so many ways –  I’d always suspected the inner diameter of my mouthpiece wasn’t big enough, and she confirmed that I compensated for this by creating some bad habits. She was wondering how i played at all!!

She made a couple of recommendations of mouthpieces.  I played some excerpts on the new mouthpiece while she coached me on how to correct my bad habits.  I now have a template to use to help me – I can’t wait  to start implementing her suggested changes!

Gary Maheux

Horn, Ottawa, Canada

What a wonderful experience my appointment was!

 I had no idea what to expect (something similar to when I buy new running shoes?) and was somewhat anxious about the whole thing. But you put me at ease, went to work and put the right “wand” within my reach. And I received so much excellent instruction, explanation and encouragement. When I was working with you, I actually felt like a horn player, or at least on my way to becoming one.

Best day in a long time! And yes, I will practice, practice, practice. (I’ll let you know when I can apparate…)

Ann Christoffersen, horn

When you visit Stork you aren't just going and picking out a mouthpiece, you are getting the knowledge on how to be the best you can be.

After talking to Phyllis and sending her some pictures of my embouchure through email, we discussed that I was playing on a fairly large mouthpiece for my lip size and where I was playing on them. Once I visited Stork in person, Phyllis got right to it, I have bad habits, she told me that I was playing so inefficiently and that I was “pinching” my sound with the back of my tongue, an issue my body created to adapt to the larger mouthpiece and control the pitch and air. She took the time to help me learn how to correct the issues I was facing and make sure I heard what it sounded like to play with my tongue in the relaxed spot it SHOULD be in. When you visit Stork you aren’t just going and picking out a mouthpiece, you are getting the knowledge on how to be the best you can be. Phyllis and John are two of the nicest and very best people in the industry!

Ian McCarthy, trumpet


Online, the cost is $75.00 for a half hour. In person, we prefer to schedule hour long sessions at a cost of $150.00. This cost does not include any mouthpieces that may be recommended. Please be advised that we tend to go way past an hour if you come to the shop (at no additional charge). We work until you feel confident that you have the tools you need to make the changes you seek.


At each session, we analyze your unique playing characteristics. This includes any technical issues or physical aspects that could be limiting you. We offer strategies to help you tweak your playing or overcome major playing issues. Whether these involve being better prepared for your job, your next big audition, or just feeling more comfortable so you can enjoy your hobby more. We love helping players get more out of their personal musical journey.


You don’t need to “prepare” anything. If you can play a 2-octave scale, you’re all set. If you can’t, all the more reason to contact us! Bring all your horns, as much music as you feel comfortable with and questions. We love questions.


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How to connect online

You can use your  mobile device (your phone or tablet) or your desktop computer. Just be sure we can get a good close up look at you and your embouchure.

Lighting and sound

Make sure you have adequate lighting on your face so Phyllis can clearly see your embouchure and setup. Avoid light at your back (like sitting with your back to a window). Make sure you’re in a quiet room free of any distraction or other sounds. Most modern phone or tablet microphones are adequate for hearing you play, but feel free to use more elaborate equipment if you’re so equipped.

Technical requirements

 mobile phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android devices)

  • adequate Internet connection speed, at least 5 Mbps download speed and 4 Mbps upload. Check your connection speeds at if you’re unsure.

What to expect

Once the online connection has been established to everyone’s satisfaction, Phyllis will ask you a few questions about your playing situation, the mouthpiece you’re currently using and the particular problems you’re experiencing. Next, you’ll be asked to play something simple like a two-octave scale to establish a baseline, the consultation proceeds from there. Make sure you’re warmed up and able to demonstrate the particular problem you’re experiencing.

Sign up

Please fill in the form below and indicate the weekdays and times you’ll be available for a consultation. Phyllis will contact you with your appointment date and time, and once payment for the session is received (via the Stork shop site), your consultation will be confirmed.


If for any reason you must cancel or reschedule your consultation, at least 24 hours notice is required. Appointments may be rescheduled at our discretion if time permits

Teacher discount rate

Teachers wishing to have consultations for their students can get a discounted rate based on an annual subscription for their teaching studio. Please contact us for more information.

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