Vacchiano Cornet Mouthpiece Specifications

All Vacchiano cornet models use the same rim as the trumpet and the standard cup depths B, C, D or E are available with either a standard or short cornet shank.

We recommend the standard cups to players who are playing in a section with others who are either using trumpets or are playing on cornets, but with trumpet cupped mouthpieces.

For those playing in brass bands, or those looking for a more traditional cornet sound, we recommend our traditional series cups.


Inner Diameter mmInner Diameter
Outer Diameter
Outer Diameter
Rim Width
Rim Width
Rim Shape
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1.517.75.698"27.691.090"4.95.195"Vacchiano trumpet 1.5 rim profile
1 - Vacchiano Signature17.50 .688"27.841.096"5.05.199'Vac_1_rimX
1.2517.20.674"27.711.087"5.05.199'Vacchiano trumpet 1.25 rim profile
217.00.669"27.431.080"5.00.197"Vacchiano trumpet 2 rim profile
316.50.649"27.231.072"5.00.197"Vacchiano trumpet 3 rim profile
416.25.639"27.841.096"5.092.233"Vacchiano 4 rim profile
516.00.629"26.821.056"4.88.192"Vacchiano 5 rim profile
715.75.620"26.821.056"4.45.175"Stork Vacchiano 7 rim
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mouthpiece with drill copy

Cup depth is measured from the top of the rim to the next largest drill bit size.




The Vacchiano standard cup is a unique blend of both “C” shape and “V” shaped elements. Going from size to size does not necessarily mean that there will be more depth to the cup in terms of adding volume in a downwards direction. Rather, as in the difference between the “E” and the “D” cup, only the throat section is opened up, essentially “V-ing” out the bottom of the cup in more of a sideways shape. From the “D” cup to the “C” cup, both depth and a greater “V” profile in the throat is added. Whereas, from the “C” to the “B” cup, the throat only is opened increasing the overall “V” shaped profile.  

ModelDescriptionCup depth in inchesCup depth in millimetersCup Shape

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The traditional Vacchiano cornet cups offer the sound quality sought by serious brass band players, yet greater versatility in range and response than other popular traditional cornet mouthpieces. All cups are available with the various Vacchiano rims  and in either the standard shank or the short shank style. 

ModelDescriptionCup depth Bore sizeCup Shape
SCSC stands for shallow cornet. Shallow is relative. In this case, relative to our deep traditional cups. This cup is far deeper than any of the standard depth Vacchiano cups. We recommend this model for those players who are using Eb soprano cornets in a traditional brass band setting.
.675" or 17.145 mm #23 (.154"or 3.911mm)SC_Cup
ADeeper and more "V" shaped the "A" cup is a moderately deep traditional cup. It's a wonderful compromise to the "A+" cup offering a deep, rich sound with greater playability..900" or 22.860 mm #20 (.161" or 4.089mm)A_Cup
A+Our deepest traditional cup. This cup has the rich, dark sound required by brass band specialists but with far greater accuracy, dramatically improved slotting in the upper register and overall improved intonation than other deep cornet models..940" or 23.977 mm#18 (.169" or 4.292mm)A+_cup

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All Vacchiano cornet models are available in either the standard or short shank styles.

short shank cornet copy Vacchiano cornet standard length shank

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