We are the leaders in offering a complete line of customizing services for mouthpieces. John Stork has been doing work for the world’s leading players for over 40 years now. He’s literally ‘done it all’, from everyday alterations to baroque style mouthpieces fashioned from the tusk of a woolly mammoth. If you have a vision, we have the tools to bring it to fruition.

*Due to the labor intensive nature of custom work, we accept new work on a limited basis. Please call to inquire about your project and discuss a possible timeline.

Rim alteration   $50.00  Cup alteration   $ 50.00
 Adapters   $85.00  Skeletonization   $ 60.00
 Plug & redrill $100.00  Bend mouthpiece   $ 50.00
 Stamp name   $  1.00 / letter  Enlarge back bore   $ 35.00
 Stamp initials   No charge  Shank alteration   $ 40.00
 Re – shank   $100.00  Custom Visualizer   $100.00
 Enlarge bore   $15.00  Visualizer   $  75.00
   Threading   $  50.00


 Complete   Two Piece   Rim Only   Cup Only   Shank Only
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French horn,  $225.00   $250.00   $ 125.00   $125.00   $ 100.00
 Trombone  $250.00   $290.00   $ 150.00   $140.00   $125.00
 Tuba  $300.00   $325.00   $140.00   $160.00   $150.00
***There is an additional $125.00 for duplicating a blank.
      * There is a $40.00 additional fee for delrin rims.

Mouthpiece Plating Services

We generally turn gold plating around in 2 – 3 business days. The mouthpiece is prepped with minimum intrusiveness. Depending on the condition of the mouthpiece, and the wishes of the owner, this can be as simple as putting the piece into a cleaning bath, or if the owner desires we can remove dents and scratches, etc. The degree to which this occurs is entirely up to the owner and must be specifically directed by the owner. Additional charges for this type of work is possible.

The original plating does not need to be completely removed, if it is still adhering well, (i.e. not flaking or peeling off).

The inner diameter is never altered.

Please be sure to ship the mouthpiece in an oversized box with plenty of packing material. Also, be sure to include your contact information (where you can be reached with questions and a return address) along with a note describing what you want done to the mouthpiece. If your piece needs extra care, please call. You can either send a check or you can ask us to call for your payment details. We can also bill you through PayPal if you would prefer.

 SILVER  Complete   Rim Only   Cup Only   Shank Only
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French horn  $35.00   $25.00   $25.00   $25.00
 Trombone  $45.00   $30.00   $50.00
 Tuba  $55.00   $25.00   $40.00
 GOLD  Complete   Rim Only   Cup Only   Rim/Cup Only
Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French horn  $60.00   $30.00   $35.00   $60.00
 Trombone  $70.00   $35.00   $50.00  $70.00
 Tuba  $85.00   $35.00   $50.00  $85.00